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New York Coach Builders


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New York
Able Coach Co.
Adams Trailer Corp.
Aeromarine Plane & Motor Co.
American Armor Corp.
American Body Co.
American Car & Foundry
American La France
American Motor Bus
American Motor Coach
American Pullman
Belle Andrews
Anthony Auto Body Co.
Arcadia Trailer Corp.
Army's Fire Service
Automobile Cover & Top Co.
H.H. Babcock Co.
Bailey & Bowne
Barnes Carriage Co.
Barnes-Curtiss Co.
Beims & Zehlein
Bellamore Armored Car & Equip. Co.
Bender, Robinson Co.
Birdsall, Waite & Perry
Bishop, McCormick & Bishop Co.
Blitz Buggy Co.
Bowne & Bowne
Brewster & Co.
Broadway Automobile Exchange
Bronson Carriage Co.
Brooks-Ostruk Co.
Dayton T. Brown Inc.
Julian S. Brown
P.I. Brown Carriage Co.
Brunn & Co.
Brunn Carriage Mfg.
Buffalo Auto Body & Trimming Co.
Buffalo Body Corp.
Buffalo Fire Appliance Corp.
Burr & Co.
Bus Industries of America
Caley & Nash Inc.
Campbell-Midstate Body Co.
J.T. Cantrell & Co.
Carmm Convertible Body Co.
Champion Wagon Co.
Chas. H. Childs & Co.
O.J. Childs Co.
Christopher Co.
H.R. Chupurdy & Co.
Clayton Co.
Coach & Equipment Sales
John D. Cogan Co.
George W. Cole
Cole & Woop
Cole-Stratton Co.
Convertible Automobile Body Corp.
George W. Copp
Corbett & Co.
Cortland Cart & Carriage Co.
James Cunningham, Son & Co.
J.E. Demar Co.
A.T. Demarest & Co.
Gustav Dessecker Co.
Dillinger Coach Works
A.J. Diefenderfer Co.
Donagon & Nealson
Duhamel & Singer
H. Duhamel & Sons Co.
E.E. Denniston Mfg. Co.
Empire Coach
Gordon England Co. of America
Federal Laboratories
Fernandez & Darrin
Fifth Avenue Coach
A.S. Flandrau & Co.
Foamite-Childs Corp.
Franklin Body & Equipment Co.
Gas-Electric Motor Bus
General Vehicle Co.
Geneva Wagon Co.
Joe Gertler
James Goold Co.
Harrolds Motor Car Co.
Harvard Auto Body Co.
Hayes & Miller Co.
Hayes-Diefenderfer Co.
Healey & Co.
Henney Motor Co.
Herby Bros.
Hercules-Campbell Body Co.
Hibbard & Darrin
Hincks & Johnson
Hi-Pressure Fire Equipment Co.
Holbrook Co.
Holbrook-Singer Co.
H.F. Holbrook Co.
Hornthal & Co.
Huber Wagon Works
Humer-Binder Co.

New York continued
J.S. Inskip Inc.
Jandorf Automobile Co.
Henry Jellinek Co.
Peter Kief Co.
Kingsbury-Leahy Co.
Klein & Mercer
Louis Klinger
Klinger Bros. Co.
LeBaron Carrossiers
Leggett Carriage Co.
Linn Coach & Truck Co.
Linn Mfg. Corp.
Linn Trailer Corp.
Locke & Co.
Lyncoach & Truck Co.
Manhattan Top & Body Co.
Medical Coaches
George J. Mercer
Mercury Aircraft Corp.
Metropolitan Hearse
Millennium Custom Auto
Miller, Hicks & Hewitt
Mora Motor Car Co.
Moore & Munger
Morrison Steel Products
New Era Motors
New York Custom Coach
D.P. Nichols & Co.
Harry Nieberg & Sons
Oneida Products
Charles Olson & Sons
J.B.E. Olson Corp.
Omar Motor Co.
Oneonta Linn Corp.
Paul Ostruk Co.
Park Avenue Auto Body
S.C. Pease & Sons
Penn Yan Bus Bodies
Perfect Body Co.
Perfection Body Co.
Picasso Coach Builders
James M. Quinby & Sons
Regas Automobile Co.
Rex-Watson Corp.
Andrew Robinson
Rochester Body Works
Rollson Inc.
Rollston Co.
Rome-Turney Radiator Co.
Rothschild & Co.
Saulsbury Fire Rescue
Schildwachter Auto Body Co.
Schulze Auto Body Works
August Schubert Wagon Co.
C.T. Silver Inc.
J.P. Sjoberg & Co.
Smith & Mabley
Specialty Hearse & Ambulance
Standard Commercial Body
Stewart Steel Products
Stewart Truck Bodies
R.M. Stivers
Streamline Corp.
Tri-State Coach
Troy Carriage Works
Twin Coach
Unicell Body Co.
United States Coachworks
United Body Corp.
Universal Body Corp.
Inglis M. Uppercu
U.S. Body & Forging Co.
US Truck Body
Vehicle Equipment Co.
Versare Corp.
Victor Motor Truck Co.
Walton Body Co.
Ward LaFrance
Ward Motor Vehicle Co.
Waterloo Bodies
Waters Mfg. Co.
Watkins Body Corp.
Watson Products
Watson Wagon Co.
Whitfield & Sons
George Werner & Sons - Buffalo
Wiedman Body Co.
Willoughby & Co.
William Woop Co.
F.R. Wood & Son
Wood Bros.
Yorkville Commercial Body Co.
Young Fire Equipment Corp.


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