J.B.E. Olson Corporation - Garden City, New York 1946-present

    J.B.W. Olson Corporation – Garden City, New York – beverage bodies – 1968 Silver Book 

1950s sales office at 1740 Broadway, NYC, NY

Olson manufactured Parcel delivery bodies starting in the mid 1950s primarily on Ford P-series parcel delivery chassis. Unlike the larger Vanette-bodied vehicles, Olson's smaller bodies did not utilize standard Ford grills but featured their own sloping slab-faced front ends with integral louvers and headlights.

Olson Kurbmasters were popular parcel delivery vans in the 1960s and were built using Ford P-series chassis. The slanting engine compartment and slab-sided front end of the 1960s Kurbmaster is still copied today by many step-van manufacturers. 

see Grumann

Aluminum delivery bodies ad in 1953 Silver Book pp44-45

ad 1963 GMC Truck Equipment Catalog pp73 - Olson Kurb Side bodies by Grumman


Ad in 1953 GMC Truck Equipment Directory depicts Olson "Kurb Side" aluminum-alloy route delivery bodies which were available in the Comet (104" wheelbase), Clipper and Peak Loader (125" wheelbase) lines.


Morgan Olson has been building high quality walk-in van bodies for thousands of customers in a wide range of businesses for nearly 60 years. Starting as J.B.E. Olson Corporation in 1946 and then known as Grumman Olson, we are now Morgan Olson. Combining the best tradition with the finest of the future, John B. Poindexter, owner of J.B. Poindexter & Co., Inc., the parent company of Morgan Corporation, purchased the walk-in van and service parts assets from Grumman Olson. This acquisition, along with Morgan’s decades of van body experience, creates the truck body industry’s largest manufacturer and broadest product line.


Morgan Olson Corporation is a leading manufacturer of step vans and related parts. Morgan Olson produces its products to customer specifications and provides products to customers in the parcel, food, vending and uniform and linen industries.

Morgan Olson was formed in 2003 to own and operate certain assets purchased in a bankruptcy proceeding from Grumman Olson Industries, Inc. The purchased assets included the step van and service parts businesses and the Sturgis, Michigan manufacturing facilities.

Morgan Olson seeks to continue Grumman Olson's long standing reputation for quality step van products, and, further its product and service offerings through its relationship with Morgan Corporation. Morgan and Morgan Olson work closely together, sharing resources and maximizing opportunities to serve customers requiring medium duty trucks and step vans.

Morgan Olson operates from 381,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution space in Sturgis, Michigan. The company's facilities are ISO 9000 certified and utilize numerous automation techniques. Morgan Olson has approximately 400 employees.



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