Able Coach Co. - 1960s - Buffalo, New York


Able Coach Co. of Buffalo NY - In the back of American Funeral Cars & Ambulances Since 1900 is a list of hearse and ambulance manufacturers that includes Able Coach Co. of Buffalo as doing station wagon conversions.


NEW!! multi-purpose AMBU-HERSE - The Hit of the National Funeral Directors Convention - Provides Five Distinct Optional Variations

1. Conventional STATION WAGON - for use as family vehicle.

2. HEARSE (Limousine Style) - equipped with a casket table mounted ou a track which allows table to roll out even with edge of tailgate for loading convenience. This HEARSE PACKAGE FEATURE provides:

A. A Removable, Formica-covered Casket Table with conventional casket rollers and adjustable Breedien Locking Pins.

B. Limousine style window drapes of the airplane type.

C. Name plate and plate holders.

3. AMBULANCE - equipped with regular cot Holder for Lowboy style ambulance cot ­ Plexiglass window inserts with ambulance design - Alternating Red Seal Beam Headlights and pulsating parking and taillights for safety while standing, through use of LC.C. switch - Attendant seat in rear compartment (split-second seat option offered by manufacturer).

4. SERVICE CAR - equipped with locking device for regular mortuary removal cot, fiber. glass inserts for side door windows and rear quarter panel windows presenting a frosted glass appearance.

5. Emergency AMBULANCE and removal or FIRST CALL unit while in use as a family car.

Emergency ambulance package available for the needs of funeral directors engaged in ambu­lance work consists of folding emergency ambulance stretcher, rotary roof light (magnetic­demountable), first aid kit and respirator (with 50 minute supply of oxygen), by MINE SAFETY APPLIANCE CORP., all stored in cargo well under floor in rear storage compart­ment. This feature provides emergency equipment on hand at all times.

For the funeral director not engaged in ambulance work the above equipment may be deleted and an emergency style folding mortuary cot may be carried in the same underfloor storage compartment - allowing the operator to always have sufficient equipment on hand to permit instant response to emergency calls without returning to base of operation. Many other options also available.

designed and manufactured by

ABLE Coach Co. Inc.

P.O. Box 114 Station G

Buffalo, NY

ad in March 1965 American Funeral Director show 1963 Buick Estate Wagon Conversion


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