Birdsall, Waite & Perry Carriage Works - 1890s-1910s - Whitney Point, New York


Birdsall, Waite & Perry Carriage Works - Whitney Point, New York - built bodies for the short-lived Whitney automobile built in  Whitney Point, New York from 1902-1903. - Perry, Mulford Frank - Born in Harpersville, Apr. 10, 1857, son of Fred H. and Anna (Northrup) Perry. He was educated in the public schools there and attended Whitney Point Academy. His first business experience was with his father in the lumbering operations. He spent eight years in that business, then in the firm of Waite & Perry and began the manufacturing of sleighs. In 1890 the firm consolidated with S.E.Birdsall of Whitney Point and added carriages to their line, the firm becoming Birdsall, Waite & Perry. He completed a special course with International Correspondence School, training in practical mining. This education resulted in him going to Mexico, where he was appointed manager of a large cyanide plant for the salvaging of precious metals.In 1912, he was associated with the Mines Company of America, returned to the area where he was director of the First National Bank of Whitney Point. He married there, June 13, 1883, Carrie Daniels, daughter of George and Charlotte (Wright) Daniels.



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