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Anthony Auto Body Company
Anthony Auto Body Co. 1910-1913; Anthony Auto Repair Co, 1913-1915?; New York, New York
Associated Firms
C. Jensen Inc.

Anthony Auto Body Co. is another little-known Manhattan auto body builder that operated from 1910 into at least 1915. Its founder, Anthony Yandrasitch (b. April 27, 1882-d. August 24, 1971), had ‘been connected with the best carriage and auto body builders for over twenty years.’

The ‘New Incorporations’ column of the June 30, 1910 issue of Motor Age announced the incorporation of the firm:

“New York — Anthony Auto Body Co., capital stock $10000; to manufacture and deal in auto bodies, etc.; Incorporators, Louis Greenfeld, Anthony Yandrasitch and Philip Greenfield.”

The July 1910 issue of Carriage Monthly provided a few more details:

“Anthony Auto Body Co.

“The Anthony Auto Body Co., Inc., have fitted up a modern automobile body factory at 351-355 West Fifty-second Street, New York City, N. Y. They are doing all kinds of work pertaining to the motor car business, and all work is under the supervision of experienced men.

“The president of the company, Anthony Yandrasitch, is a practical man who has been connected with the best carriage and auto body builders for over twenty years.”

Charles Jensen, another Manhattan automobile man joined the firm as secretary-treasurer, the September 1910 issue of Carriage Monthly reporting:

“The corporation of C. Jensen Inc., New York City, has been dissolved and C. Jensen, their former president, is now secretary-treasurer of The Anthony Auto Body Co., 351-355 West Fifty-second Street, New York City.”

The New incorporations column of the October 15, 1908 issue of Motor World recorded the formation of the C. Jensen Company:

“New York City, NY. C. Jensen Inc. under New York laws with $10,000 capital, to deal in and manufacture automobile parts. Corporators: Charles Jensen, Astoria L.I.; Edward B. Wilson, Summit, N.J.; Frank Lockwood, 17 East Fifty-seventh street, New York City.”

The 1912 New York City Register of Factories reported that the Anthony Auto Body Company, 535 East Seventy-ninth St., employed 29 males. The 1913 edition reported a slight increase, stating 33 males were now at work at the East Seventy-ninth Street facility.

Within three years of their formation, the firm was in bankruptcy, the “Minor Business Troubles” column of the April 10, 1913 issue of Motor Age reporting:

“The Anthony Auto Body Co., of 614-16 East 83rd street, New York City, filed a petition in bankruptcy this week; it states that liabilities are $27,254 and assets $2,666, including $250 stock. Anthony Yandrastitch, the president, is a creditor for $3,160.”

The April 12, 1913 issue of Automobile Topics reported on a few more details:

“New York Body Builder Fails

“The Anthony Auto Body Co., manufacturer of automobile bodies at 614 East 83d street, New York City, has filed a voluntary petition in bankruptcy with liabilities of $27,254, and assets of $2,666. The liabilities include $18,000 contingent on an unexpired lease of the factory up to May 1, 1917. The assets include $250 worth of stock, $1,000 of machinery, $855 accounts, $546 claims and $15 cash in bank. Anthony Yandrasitch is president of the company and figures as a creditor for $3,160. The company was incorporated on May 2, 1910, with $10,000 capital.”

As was a common practice at the time, Yandrasitch reorganized within a few weeks, the ‘New Incorporations’ column of the July 3, 1913 issue Motor World reporting on his wife’s new enterprise, the similarly named Anthony Auto Repair Co.:

“New York NY Anthony Auto Repair Co., under New York laws, authorized capital; $10,000. Corporators; Julia Yandrasitch, 607 East 83rd street; Florence M. Struckhausen and Henry Struckhausen both of 452 East 84th street.”

The firm was listed in Polk’s 1915 New York co-partnership and corporation directory as follows:

“Anthony Auto Repair Co., 614 East 83rd Street.”

No further information is available, although at some point in time Yandrasitch relocated to Dearborn, Wayne County, Michigan. Although confirmation is lacking it’s possible he worked in some capacity for The Ford Motor Company. Anthony Yandrasitch passed away in Dearborn on August 24, 1971.

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