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Highway Products Co.
Highway Products Company, 1960-1970; Highway Products division of  Alco Standard Corp., 1970-1975; Kent, Ohio
Associated Builders
Twin Coach

In 1958, Louis J. Fageol retired, selling Fageol Products marine engine division to the Crofton Mfg. Co. of Los Angeles. Twin Coach kept its successful Cheektowaga aircraft plant which was kept busy constructing wing and fuselage assemblies for Boeing, (B-52), Grumann, North American and Republic. In 1962, stockholders approved a name change for the company, and Twin Coach became the Twin Industries Corp.

Back in Ohio small numbers of the firmís Fageol gasoline and Fageol-Leland Diesels were constructed, and the firm eeked out an income building delivery van bodies and bidding on government contracts for postal vehicles and the like.

In 1960 Joseph T. Myers, a Kent, Ohio businessman (president of Davey Tree Experts) and Twin Coach director, saw an opportunity, and leased a portion of the factory for his own firm, the Highway Products Co., which was formed to construct small-to-medium sized vehicles for the U.S. Post Office and other agencies. Myers constructed delivery trucks, Parcel delivery vans, mobile post offices, small boats, missile launchers, etc., bidding on whatever government contracts were appropriate and in 1962 purchased a portion of the former bus plant from Twin Coach/Twin Industries.

In addition Cummins and Fageol-Leyland-powered 40 ft. Highway Post Offices, the firm produced the Compac-Van, a medium-sized forward-control 18,000-26,000lb. G.V.W. van produced under a contract with Cleveland, Ohioís White Motors Co. Highway Products assumed the sales and marketing of the Compac-Van in 1965 and in 1968 introduced a 25-passenger Chrysler V-8 powered pusher coach that they marketed as the Twin Coach in order to capitalize on a new series of mass-transit grants recently made available to small cities by the Federal government. A 29-passenger Twin Coach joined the Highway Products lineup in 1969 and in 1970 Joseph T. Myers sold his interest in the firm to Alco Standard Co., who subsequently used the facility to construct Class-A motor homes under the Cortez Motor Home brand name. Highway Products went bankrupt in 1975 after approximately 900 Twin Coach buses were constructed.

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