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Schaefer & Ellerbusch, Sieb & Ellerbusch, Evansville Carriage Works
Schaefer & Ellerbusch aka Evansville Carriage Works; 1898-1902; Sieb & Ellerbusch aka Evansville Carriage Works 1903-1905; Evansville Carriage Works (J.F. Seib prop), 1905-1922; Evansville Carriage Works (Louis H. Dennison prop.), 1922-1937; Evansville, Indiana
Associated Firms
Fellwock Automobile Co.

Albert Schaefer, carriage maker, 431 Sycamore, res. 410 U 5th., wife Cora (Cordie)

Henry Ellerbusch b. 1854 in Indiana to German parents. 1910 US Census lists his occupation as ‘carriage maker’ with a wife Emma (b. 1858) and two daughters Ida (b.1884) and Antone (b.1890).

John Friederich Sieb was born in Frenchtown, Monroe County, Michigan in March, 1856 to two German immigrants Elizabeth (b.1813 in Bavaria) and Jacob Sieb. The 1870 US census list an older brother, Peter (b. 1842).

The 1880 US Census lists his occupation as ‘works in carriage shop’ and lists a spouse, Emma (Spitze), b. April 1860 in Illinois, their address being Fourth Street, Nashville, Washington County, Illinois.

1890 Evansville directory:

J.F. Seib, carriagemaker res 134 E. Indiana

1893 directory:

J. Fred. Seib, Carriagesmith, res. 601 3rd Ave., cor. Indiana

1894 directory:

J. Fred. Seib, carriage builder, res. 601 3rd Ave

1897-1898 directory:

Albert Schaefer, carriage maker, 431 Sycamore, res. 410 U 5th., wife Cora

The 1900 US Census lists his occupation as ‘carriage maker’ and lists a spouse, Emma (Spitze), b. April 1860, their address being 904 Third Ave, Pigeon Township, Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.

1899-1902 directory:

Schaefer & Ellerbusch carriage works – (Albert Schaefer & Henry E. Ellerbusch prop’rs) 413 U. 5th.

Also listed under Evansville Carriage Works 413 U. 5th.

1903-1905 Evansville directory:

Sieb & Ellerbusch (John F. Sieb & Henry E. Ellerbusch) Prop’rs Evansville Carriage Works 411-413 U. 4th.

Evansville Carriage Works organized November 24, 1905 with a capitalization of $4,000, J.F. Sieb, president, treasurer and manager – 7 employees.

Oct 1909 The Spokesman:

“The Evansville Carriage Works. J.F. Sieb, president and treasurer, one of the large concerns of Evansville, has been doing a nice volume of business all summer.”

1922 – John F. Seib, manager Evansville Carriage Works

Organized November 24, 1905 with a capitalization of $4,000.

J. Fred Seib, wife Emma

J. F. Seib, president, treasurer and manager, Evansville Carriage Works, 411-413 Upper Fourth St., Evansville, Ind.

In 1915 the City of Evansville had the Carriage Works construct a screen-sided police patrol wagon on a 1915 Cadillac chassis which was purchased from the Fellwock Automobile & Mfg. Co., Evansville's franchised Cadillac dealer. Coincidentally Fellwock had started life as a manufacturer of all-weather tops, wind shields and removable mother-in-law seats before they found success in the retail automobile business.

The Patrol Wagon was mentioned in the following article which appeared in an issue of the Evansville Courier:

"Johann Co. Purchase Cadillac Ambulance

"The past week an automobile ambulance was contracted for by the Albert Johann & Sons Co. The contract was awarded to the Fellwock Auto & Mfg. Co. for one of their special Cadillac chassis. This complete ambulance will be built by the Fellwock Auto Company in conjunction with the Evansviulle Carriage Works, who also built the Evansville Police Patrol body, and who have quite a reputation for fine work."

1922 - Evansville Carriage Works,  411-413 Upper 4th - later renamed to 107-109 SE 4th St.

1929 directory - Evansville Carriage Works (Louis H. Dennison), 107 (411) SE 4th.

Louis H. Dennison was born in Evansville in Dec. 1888 to William Z. and Matilda E. Dennison. The 1910 US Census lists him in Evansville, occupation ‘carriage builder’ at ‘Carriage Wks’. The 1920 Evansville directory lists his occupation as ‘body maker’ at the ‘Ev. Carriage Wks.’

Dennison relocated to 107 NW 6th St. in 1936 and was out of business by 1938. The 1940 US Census lists Dennison’s occupation as ‘service man’ at a ‘Retail Automobile Dlr’.

The structure still exists and is currently the home of Goldman’s Pawn Shop.

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© 2004 Mark Theobald for with special thanks to Dan DeYoung of the Evansville Police Dept.







Beverly Rae Kimes & Henry Austin Clark - Standard Catalog of American Cars: 1805-1942

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