Acme Body Top Co.
Acme Body & Veneer Co.
Advance Auto Body Works
S.S. Albright Co.
R. Allender & Co
American Armor Corp.
American Auto Trimming Co.
American Body Co.
American Built Cars
American Custom Coachworks
American Metal Products - AMP
American Motor Body
American Top & Body Co.
F.A. Ames Buggy Co.
Amesbury Metal Body Co.
Amesbury Rattan & Reed Co.
Amesbury Specialty Co.
Anchor Top & Body Co.
Anderson Body Co.
Anderson Carriage Co.
Belle Andrews
Anthony Auto Body Co.
M. Armstrong & Co.
Arrow Racing Bodies
Associated Bodies Corp.
Auburn Automobile Co.
Auto Body Co. (MI)
Auto Body Co. (MA)
Auto Body & Finishing Co.
Auto Body & Specialty Co.
Auto Metal Co.
Auto Top & Body Co.
Automobile Cover & Top Co.
H.H. Babcock Co.
S.E. Bailey & Co.
S.R. Bailey Carriage Co.
Baker, Rauch & Lang
Baker Raulang
Banker Brothers Co.
Banner Buggy Co.
Barkow Auto Body Co.
Barnard Co.
Barndt & Johnston Auto Supply Co.
O.J. Beaudette Co.
Bela Body Co.
Bender, Robinson Co.
Bender Body Co.
George L. Bentel
Benton Body Co.
Bergholt Body Co.
Beverly Auto Body Works
Biddle & Smart
Biehl Autobody
Ralph E. Bills Body Co.
Birdsall, Waite & Perry Carriage Works
Blakeslee Vehicle Body & Seat Co.
Blue Ribbon Body Co.
Bohman & Schwartz
Bohman & Son
H.F. Borbein & Co.
Brewster & Co.
Bridgeport Body Co.
Briggs Mfg. Co.
Briggs Carriage Co.
J.G. Brill
Briscoe Mfg. Co.
Broc Carriage & Wagon Co.
Brokaw Body Co. - John B. Brokaw
Bronson Carriage Co.
Brooks-Ostruk Co.
Brunn & Co
Brunn Carriage Mfg.
Bryant Body Co.
Bub Body Co.
Budd Co.
Buffalo Auto Body & Trimming Co.
Buffalo Body Corp.
Burr & Co.
Bush Body Co.
Charles Caffrey Carriage Co.
California Body Building Co.
California Metal Shaping Co.
Edward A. Cantor - Cadillac Wagons Ltd.
Carmm Convertible Body Co.
Carriage Factories Ltd.
Carriage Woodstock Co.
Central Auto Supply
Central Mfg. Co.
Chatham Carriage Co.
Checker Cab
Chicago Carriage & Trimming Co.
Chicago Coach & Carriage Co.
Charles H. Childs
Kenneth L. Childs - Childs System
H.R. Chupurdy & Co.
Chupudy Auto Coach
Clark & Co.
Clark Carriage Co.
Clayton Co.
Clayton & Lambert Co.
J.W. Clinedinst Co.
Coachcraft Ltd.
Coach Design Group
George W. Cole
Cole & Woop
Collings Carriage Co.
Collins Body Co.
Columbia Body Co. (Indiana)
Columbia Body Co. (Michigan)
Columbus Buggy Co.
J. Colyer & Co.
Conboy Carriage Co.
Thomas Connolly Carriage Works
Convertible Automobile Body Corp.
Cooling Carriage Co.
Copple Auto Works
Corbett & Co.
Creative Industries
Crescent Carriage Co.
Currier & Cameron
Dale Body Co.
Darrin of Paris
Dayton Body Co.
Dayton Folding Tonneau Co.
Dearborn Steel Tubing - DST
J.E. Demar Co.
A.T. Demarest & Co
E.E. Denniston Mfg. Co.
Derham Body Co.
Philip Derham
Des Moines Cabinet Co.
Detroit Body Co.
Detroit Carriage Co.
Detroit Motor Car Supply
Dietrich Inc.
Ray Dietrich Inc.
Discher & Gaffney
Don Lee Coach & Body Works
H. Duhamel & Sons Co.
D.B. Dunham & Sons
Dunham Coach
Earl Carriage Works
Eastman Metal Body Co.
Elkhart Carriage & Motor Car Co
Henry Emerson
England Mfg. Co. - Detroit
William Erby & Sons Co.
Erdman Guider Body Co.
B.F. Everitt Co. - Everitt Bros.
Fabric Auto Body Co.
Facto Auto Body Co.
Farnham & Nelson
Fehring Carriage Co.
Fellwock Automobile Mfg. Co.
Fernandez & Darrin
Fischer-Gaffney Body Co.
Fisher Body Co.
Fisk Alden Co.
Fitzgibbon & Crisp
A.S. Flandrau & Co.
Fleetwood Metal Body Co.
Flint Body Co.
Floyd-Derham Co.
Fox Bros. & Co.
Frantz Body Mfg. Co.
Fremont Metal Body Co.
O.R. Fuller
Joe Gertler
Gibraltar Body Co.
Glascock Bros. Mfg. Co.
Glasspar Inc.
L. Glesenkamp Sons & Co
Global Coach & Armor Mfg.
James Goold Co.
Gordon England Co. of America
Gotfredson Body Co.
Graff Mfg. Co.
Grand Haven Autobody
G.O. Graves & Co.
Wm. Gray & Sons
Gray & Davis
Griswold Body Co.
Gutsch Brothers
H&M Body Corp.
Hale, Kilburn & Co
C.F. Hanger Carriage Co.
Harrolds Motor Car Co.
Harvard Auto Body Co.
Hassett & Hodge
Hayes Body Co.
Hayes-Hunt Corp.
Hayes-Ionia Co.
Hayes & Miller Co.
Healey & Co.
Herbert Mfg. Co.
Hess Body Co.
Hibbard & Darrin
Hill Auto Body Metal Co.
Holbrook Co.
H.F. Holbrook-Henry Brewster
Hollander & Morrill
Henry Hooker & Co.
Hub Body Corp.
William Hughey & Son
Hume Body Corp.
Humer-Binder Co.
Richard Hurley
Hussey Auto & Supply
Hussey Body Co.
D.G. Hutchcroft & Sons
Insbrook Mfg.
J.S. Inskip Inc.
R.J. Irvin Mfg. Co.
Jacques Mfg. Co.
Jarvis Body Mfg. Co.
Henry Jellinek Co.
George S. Jephson
Jephson, Scott Body Co.
J. Joyce & Co.
John B. Judkins Co.
Johnson Service Co.
Kahler Mfg.
Charles P. Ketterer Mfg. Co.
Keystone Body Co.
Henry Killam & Co.
C.P. Kimball & Co.
Kingsbury-Leahy Co.
J. Gerard Kirchhoff Body Works
Louis Klinger
Kramer Auto & Carriage Co
Theodor Kundtz Co.
Don Lee Coach & Body Works
Lang Body Co.
LaPorte Wood Mfg. Co.
Larkins & Co.
L. Lawrence & Co.
M.A. Leach
LeBaron Carrossiers
LeBaron Inc.
B. Ledoux Carriage Co.
Ledoux-Jennings Co.
Leggett Carriage Co.
Lehman Mfg.
James Leitch Co.
Ligonier Automobile Body Co.
Limousine Body Co.
Limousine & Carriage Mfg. Co.
Limousine Top Co.
Lind Mfg. Co.
Locke & Co.
Lomberg Auto Body Mfg. Co.
Richard H. Long Co.
Lowell Auto Body Co.
Hugh Lyons & Co.
MacInnis Bros.
Manhattan Top & Body Co.
Markin Auto Body
Maurice Markoff
Marshall Body Co. - Merrimac, MA
John McArthur
McFarlan Automobile Co.
Egerton B. McNear
George W. McNear
Fred L. Meckel - Chicago, Il
Media Carriage Works
Meisenhelder Sheet Metal, Auto & Body
A. Meister & Sons Co.
Mengel Body Co.
Mercury Body Corp.
Merrimac Body Co.
Michigan Auto Body Co.
Midland Steel Co.
Milan Coach Builders
Milburn Wagon Co.
Miller Bros.
Miller, Hicks & Hewitt
Millspaugh & Irish
Mitchell-Bentley Corp.
Model Body Corp.
Molded Fiberglass Corp.
Moller Motor Car Co. (PA)
M.P. Moller Motor Car Co. (MD)
Monroe Body Co.
Moore & Munger
Morton & Brett
Motor Body & Trimming Co.
Mullins Body Corp.
Walter M. Murphy Co.
Murray Corp.
Muskegon Auto Body Co.
Nance Body Co.
T. Neville & Co.
New England Mills - NAMCO
New Haven Carriage Co.
Geo. P. Nissen Co. - Nissen Wagon Works
Northern Pump Co.
Nuse Wagon Works
Ohio Body Co. - Ohio Body & Blower Co.
Osgood Bradley Co.
Ostend Fabric Body
Paul Ostruk Co.
Owens-Corning Corp.
Pacific Auto Top Co.
Pacific Car Building Co.
Paco Mfg. Co. - Peoria Accessory Co.
Samuel K. Page
Park Avenue Auto Body
C.R. Patterson & Sons
S.C. Pease & Sons
Perfect Body Co.
Philips Custom Body Co.
Pioneer Body Co.
Pontiac Body Co.
Portland Body Works
James Potter Furniture Co.
James Pullar Co.
Pullman Co.
James M. Quinby & Sons
Quinsler & Co.
Racine Boat Mfg. Co.
Racine Mfg. Co.
Raulang - Rauch & Lang
Reading Metal Body Mfg. Co.
Rickards & McLaughlin Wagon Co.
Robbins Body Co.
Andrew Robinson
Rochester Body Works
W.D. Rogers Son & Co.
Rohm & Haas
Rollson Inc.
Rolls-Royce Custom Coachworks
Rollston Co.
Rothschild & Co.
Rothschild & Son
Rothschild-Seaman Co.
Leon Rubay & Co.
Safety Buggy Co.
Sargent & Ham
H. Scherer & Co.
Schildwachter Auto Body Co.
Charles Schutte Body Co.
Schutte & Symons
Seabrook & Smith Carriage Co.
Seaman Body Corp. - W.S. Seaman Co.
Seattle Auto Rebuilders
Sedan Body Co.
Shields Carriage Co.
Sidney Mfg. Co.
Sievers & Erdman
C.T. Silver Inc.
A.O. Smith Co.
Smith Bros. Motor Bodies
Smith-Eggers Co. - Cincinnati, OH
Smith & Mabley
Smith-Springfield Corp.
South Bend Spring Wagon & Carriage Co.
Sowney Bros.
Specialty Carriage Co.
Springfield Body Co.
Springfield Metal Body Co.
Standard Carriage Works
George T. Stehling
Peter Stengel, Carrossier
Stevens Mfg. Co. - Marinette, WI
W.F. Stewart Co.
R.M. Stivers
B. Stone & Sons - Chicago, IL
Richard Straman Coachworks
Stratton Carriage Co.
Streamline Corp.
Testaguzza Brothers Body Co.
Thompson Auto Body Co.
E.J. Thompson Automobile Body Co.
Towson Body Co.
Traditional Coachworks
Trinca Body Co.
Trippensee Mfg./Closed Body Co.
Tri-State Custom Coach
Troutman & Barnes
Troy Body Co.
Troy Carriage Works
Union City Body Co.
Union Wheel Works - Newark, NJ
United Body Corp.
United States Carriage Co.
Universal Body Corp.
Uppercu, Inglis M.
J.S. Valentine
Wadsworth Mfg. Co.
Walker Body Co.
A.H. Walker Co. - Walker-La Grande
Alfred J. Walker & Co.
Walker-Wells Co.
Walker & Werner
Ike Walton - Denver, CO
Walton Body Co.
Waterhouse Co.
Waverly Co.
Wayne Foundry & Stamping Co.
Wayne Works
Weatherproof Body Co.
Wendling Brothers
George Werner & Sons - Buffalo, NY
William Wertsch Car Co.
C. West & Co.
Western Auto Body Mfg Co.
Weymann-American Body Co.
J.C. Widman Co.
Jos. Wildanger Co.
Willoughby & Co.
C.R. Wilson Carriage Co.
E.H. Wilson Mfg. Co.
Wilson & Hayes Mfg.
Witham Body Co.
Wisco Corp.
Wisconsin Wagon Co.
Alexander J. Wolfington, Son & Co.
F.R. Wood & Sons
Woonsocket Mfg. Co.
William Woop Co.
Wright Body Co.
Young Carriage Co.
F.F. Zimmermann & Sons