Thacker Coach Sales - 1970s-1990s - Annapolis, Maryland & Washington, DC


Thacker Coach - Annapolis, MD - There was a company in Annapolis, MD called Thacker Coach that used to do Chrysler, Mercury and some Ford hearse conversions in the '70's and '80's. Mostly, these were wagon conversions, as I've never seen or heard about any stretches. Thackers were pretty popular with some of the smaller funeral homes in Washington, DC and Baltimore. Thacker Casket was/is also the local casket distributor, and Thacker Lincoln-Mercury was a big LM dealer in Annapolis (talk about your horizontal marketing).

Joseph (Joe) Thacker was an S&S dealer as well as the manufacturer of the Thacker station wagon pro-car conversions. His most famous creation was the Thacker Chrysler Crown Coach, which was built on full-size (pre-1978) Chrysler New Yorker Town & Country stations wagons.

I have seen brochures for their 1981-1982 Mercury Marquis Custom Landau Hearse


THACKER CASKET COMPANY, 7422 Old Alexandria Ferry Road Clinton, MD  20735



Wagonus Americanus by Gregg D. Merksamer

The PM Zone checks out the wagons at the American Station Wagon Owners Association "Ultimate Tailgate Party VII."

ASWOA members take pride in buying wagons on the cheap, but John Gambo of Parkton, Md., may have set a record when he traded a case of beer for this 1989 Ford Crown Victoria "Custom Landau" minihearse/first call car converted by Thacker Coach of Annapolis, Md.: "It wasn't cheap beer," Gambo stresses, and the car did need a new transmission. "You can do anything with it and they won't stop you," says Gambo's father Rick, who adds that the car had been used for the funerals of his mother and brother in 1992. "People back off and let you into intersections you would otherwise have to wait 10 minutes to enter."


Considering how much attention Cadillac station wagons attract, it's surprising that a factory-built version has never been offered. R.S. Harper of Fraser, Mich., created this 1972 Sedan DeVille conversion owned by California enthusiast Alan Clark.


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