Supreme Corp. - 1974-present - Goshen, Indiana


Supreme – Goshen, Indiana:  box vans for cab & chassis. Supreme Corp offers a comprehensive line of truck bodies, including dry freight, parcel delivery, platform bodies, service vans, and insulated and refrigerated bodies. The company, founded by Omer Kropf in 1974 with a $50,000 cash investment and $300,000 in bank loans, has prided itself on its self-sufficiency. All it needs is the chassis. It does the rest itself. Fiberglass panels used as truck sidewalls are produced at its Goshen plant. Most of the other components are manufactured at one of the regional plants. Supreme's manufacturing facilities – Moreno Valley, California, Goshen, Indiana, Cleburne, Texas, Griffin, Georgia, Wilson, North Carolina, and Jonestown, Pennsylvania - cater to the specific needs of their customers. And in Moreno Valley, they have heeded the call for a slick-looking product.


In 1974,Omer Kropf and a partner started Supreme Corporation in Goshen, Indiana based on the idea of providing a vital growth industry with a better solution.  Kropf saw an untapped need for higher quality light- and medium-duty truck bodies. He also felt there was a more efficient way to service this market.  His idea: build the highest quality truck-bodies available and sell directly to dealers. With a crew of 25 employees, Supreme Corporation was begun.

Supreme grew quickly to become one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of customized general-purpose truck and bus bodies.  This niche market approach resulted in a wide variety of multi-purpose truck bodies that could be fitted to chassis built by major manufacturers.

Supreme now has regional manufacturing plants, a nationwide sales and distribution network, the broadest product line in the industry and strong relationships with all major truck chassis manufacturers.  Supreme has proven to be a vital supplier with the capabilities to offer each customer a completed vehicle that meets their unique transportation requirements at a competitive price.

In 2004, Supreme celebrates 30 years of delivering transportation solutions.  Supreme milestones include recognition in 1997 and 1998 from Forbes magazine as one of the "200 Best Small Companies in America".   Another milestone is the offering of Supreme as a publicly held company since 1984.  However, the biggest milestone for Supreme is their track record of profitability for each of their 30 years.

Today, Supreme employs over 2,000 people at six manufacturing plants, ten distribution facilities and two supply facilities spread across the U.S. with annual sales of $225 million. The company is recognized nationwide as the most diversified truck body manufacturer in the industry.

If you are involved in construction, plumbing, parcel delivery, vending, utilities, moving, pick-up or delivery of materials chances are you have come in contact with Supreme truck bodies.  The Supreme truck body types include dry freight, parcel delivery, platform bodies, service vans, cargo vans and insulated & refrigerated bodies. Additionally, Supreme manufactures quality busses and trolleys.

These products are supported by a nationwide manufacturing & sales network with 16 locations from coast to coast providing prompt delivery and service. Supreme is a nationwide manufacturer of specialized mobile commercial vehicles designed and manufactured to provide superior transportation solutions for a wide range of markets.



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