Pony Cruiser - People's Rapid Transit Co. 1938-1940 - Kalamazoo Coaches Inc. 1940-1951 - Kalamazoo, Michigan


People's Rapid Transit Co. operated buses over 200 miles of route in the vicinity of Kalamazoo. In 1938 the company constructed a lightweight 16-passenger inter­city bus based on a Ford front-engine commercial chassis, the same chassis originally used by Beaver and also found in large numbers in the Detroit bus fleet. Restyling in 1940 made the Pony Cruiser greatly resemble small FitzJohn buses of the period; also in that year a larger Ford engine was made available, as was a 19-passenger version, and the manufacturing business was separated from the operating company under another name.

The Pony Cruiser had the same kind of appeal as the Ford Transit in being cheap to buy, economical to run, and easy to repair, with so many parts available through Ford auto dealers. A notable use of these buses was by the British Yukon Navigation Co. along the Alcan Highway in the years after World War II. Chevrolet and International K-7 chassis were listed in addition to Ford in 1947, and in 1948 there was a larger model with 25 or 29 seats known as the Kalamazoo Cruiser. Probably about 625 Pony and Kalamazoo Cruisers were built, almost all of them operated by small companies.



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