Phillips Motor Car Co. - 1970s-1980s - Pompano Beach, Florida


Phillips made Corvette-based replicars plus a few Chrysler K-car based stretch limousines.

1980 Berlina T-Top Coupe-by Phillips-Rare !!

This is only our 2nd Berlina t-top coupe in 10 years-very rare cars indeed. only 87 were ever built. Factory built by the Philips Motor Car Company, in Pompano beach. Designed by Phillips & marketed by Byron R. Cooper of Coopers Corvette Center from 1980 to 1983 only. This car was built on a 1979 Chevy Corvette chassis, with all Corvette running gear, so parts are easy to get. Since we sold the car in 1998, the car has been in St. Joseph Michigan, the last owner has done major improvements to the car-costing well over $10,000. in upgrades. The body has been upgraded to look like the 1983 Berlina models, & has only 6000 showing on the car, since all the upgrades, which included a new fully rebuilt 350V8 Corvette engine, rebuilt upgraded automatic transmission, show engine compartment, red paint, saddle leather interior, new shocks,  springs, differential, steering mechanism, new speedo that reads 165 MPH , & not the standard 85 MPH, new universals, & tires, 4 real wire wheels, removeable t-tops-that don't leak, wood steering wheel & dash, dual trumpet horns, twin fog lamps, all new ice cold air conditioning, heater, tilt wheel, cruise, telescopic, power brakes, steering, and windows, Berlina emblems everywhere, billet aluminum parts under the hood, 2 piece metal hood, very super high quality cars, that cost around $80,000. new. This is a very fast daily driver. All info above was supplied to us by the seller, so we cant be responsible for any errors in the script. In 1998, the car was appraised at $31,000. & that was before all the upgrades. This car has the 1936 Mercedes styling-very clean lines indeed. This car wont last long !!! Titled as a 1979 Chevy 2 door & weighs 3490 lbs.


The Berlina is a Chevrolet Corvette - based replica of the Mercedes 540K. Fewer than 200 of these cars were built in the late 70's and early 80's. The car features a Corvette frame, a 350 cid V-8 Corvette engine and a light fiberglass body.

1980 Berlina T-Top Coupe, a high quality 1930s M-B 500K-style neo-classic replicar built on a new Corvette chassis

1982 & 1983 M-B 500K replicars and Chrysler K-car limousines

Lot Of 7 Non Color Sheets, M-b 500 And Chry K-car Limos


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