Pak-Mor Mfg. Co. - 1952-2003 - San Antonio, Texas - 2003-present - Seguin, Texas


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Pak-Mor closes, blames economy
6/9/2003 3:04 PM
By: Associated Press

Pak-Mor Manufacturing of San Antonio is closing after 51 years. The move by the maker of garbage-truck equipment will leave about 50 workers without jobs.

Pak-More filed for Chapter Eleven bankruptcy protection last week in San Antonio. Now President Jimmie Thurmond III said the company will go out of business.

The company agreed to sell its production equipment to JEB Properties for $290,000.

Thurmond said the buyers will probably move production from San Antonio to Mexico.

Thurmond, who is grandson of the company's founder, blamed the demise on the weak economy and high costs for insurance and workers compensation.


July 03, 2003

Pak-Mor Manufacturing Company, a maker of solid waste disposal haulers, announced plans to start hiring workers Monday for its new headquarters in Seguin.

New employees could begin as early as Tuesday at the Pak-Mor assembly plant, 2201 Rudeloff Rd. The company is relocating from San Antonio after undergoing an ownership change in the wake of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.


Pak-Mor Mfg. Co., 1123 SE Military Dr., San Antonio, Texas

Pak-Mor Manufacturing Co., San Antonio, Texas, offers a line of refuse trucks, including front and rear loaders, plus an automated side loader and Container-Retreiver side loader. The company's split cycle compaction system is designed to pack loads at low operating pressures, the company says. The ejection cycle is actuated by a double-acting cylinder, which ejects the payload with a single stroke.



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