Mingel Company - Louisville, Kentucky (Ford wood supplier 1932-1934)


Mingel Company of Louisville, Kentucky  - 1929 Ford Model Aís maple wood bodies were milled at Fordís Iron Mountain plant and the bodies assembled by Murray. 1930-31 bodies were assembled by Murray and Raulang. 1932 bodies were different. Made of ash framing and birch panels, the Mingel Company of Louisville, Kentucky now supplied the wood and Murray and and Briggs assembled the body. The wood for the revised 1935-36 bodies came from Iron Mountain and Briggs & Murray continued assembling them.

For 1932 Ford contracted with the Mingle Co. of Louisville, Kentucky to supply the wood for its new Model B Suburban bodys. The old assembly contract with Baker-Raulang was dropped in favor of a new one with Ford favorite, Briggs of Detroit. Murray also continued to assemble the wagons as before, the parts just came from Mingle instead of Ford's Iron Mountain forests.

For 1935, Ford reverted to its Iron Mountain subsidiary for its wood station wagons, and ended its three year experiment with Mingle Co.



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