McCoy Miller Corp. - 1974-present - Elkhart, Indiana


McCoy Miller started manufacturing ambulances and light rescue vehicles in 1974 when its original owners, Dick McCoy and Lester Miller got involved in the ambulance industry.  Since the early days at McCoy Miller, the company has had different owners and the resulting concepts and ideas have changed but the underlying focus has remained the same, quality vehicles at an affordable price.  In November 1998, Morganthaler Ventures purchased the company.  With the support of the parent company Morganthaler Ventures and the VSV Group established to manage McCoy Miller's operations, the company began the transition to a structured corporate entity focused engineering products designed to provide safety, consistency in product quality and dependability.

McCoy Miller products include the Guardian Type II; Medic 146SE Type I &  Type III; Medic138SSB Type III; Medic 142SSB Type I & Type III; Mini-Rescue Type I and medium duty Resqmedic Type I.  McCoy Miller ambulances are engineered to provide municipal and private EMS agencies with a dependable, safe and efficient means of transporting emergency and non-emergency patients.  McCoy Miller Division of VSV Group as a manufacturer of ambulances and light rescue vehicles utilizes a variety of chassis including GM, Ford, International and Freightliner.  

McCoy Miller's manufacturing facilities are located at 1110 D.I. Drive, Elkhart, Indiana utilizing over 124,000 square feet dedicated to production and 110 employees dedicated to providing quality products in a highly competitive environment.

McCoy Miller has an aggressive engineering department with confirmed comprehensive responsibility for the entire product line.  Each ambulance or rescue vehicle is built to a complete set of engineering/manufacturing specifications to assure the vehicle's compliance with regulatory concerns including KKK-A-1822E and Ford QVM. 

McCoy Miller has a customer service, parts and warranty department staffed with full-time employees to meet the needs of our product users and dealers.  McCoy Miller markets its products through an experienced, nationwide dealer network and through direct sales in Indiana and Southern Michigan.


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