FAB Mfg. Co. - FABCO Automotive Corp. - 1918-present - Oakland, California - Emeryville, California - Livermore, California


Fabco is a specialty manufacturer which produces several series of one-man-cab forward control trucks with the cab beside the engine, and also a cab-over utility vehicle, though they entered vehicle manufacture with a small series of fire engines built for California Fire Departments before the war.

Smallest of the one-man-cab vehicles is a yard trailer ­spotter, the Fab 151, and there are several models of flat deck trucks with loading area for the entire length of the truck, interrupted only by the one-man cab at the front behind which is a Remy 10,000 lb. hydraulic crane. On these FT models the engine, a Ford gasoline 534-V8, is below the deck and drives through an automatic transmission. This series is made in 4x2 and 6x4 layouts, and is used for handling pipes and power poles up to 45 feet in length. The WT series is a flat top with the engine above the deck and beside the cab, intended for harvesting of agricultural produce with the minimum of plant damage. A 6x6 truck with single tires and 80 in. wide track, the WT is powered by Ford gasoline or Detroit Diesel engines. A combination of 5-speed Clark main and 3-speed Spicer auxiliary transmissions together with 2­speed Fabco transfer case gives a total of 30 forward speeds and 6 in reverse. Lowest speed is one mph, invaluable for harvesting purposes.

The Fabco UV cab-over series was introduced in 1972, and uses a conventional full-width cab and a choice of Ford gasoline or Caterpillar or Detroit Diesels. GVWs range from 27,000 to 56,000 lbs, and the trucks are available in 4x2, 4x4, 6x4 and 6x6 drives. In addition to these complete trucks, FajJco offer 4-wheel-drlve conversions on Ford, GMC and other makes which are particularly used in power line erection.


Since 1918, Fabco Automotive has formed a reputation based upon innovative engineering, sophisticated manufacturing, and responsive customer support.

Today, Fabco continues to build on its heritage as a UL Certified QS9000 Tier 1 transportation industry supplier with a broad range of Steer Drive Axles, Transfer Cases, Split Shaft Power Take Offs, and other industry leading specialty products.

Fabco Automotive has moved to a new facility: Fabco Automotive Corporation recently opened a new facility in Livermore, California and moved its entire operation from its old facility in Emeryville, California.

For over 80 years, Fabco has played a significant role in the evolution of All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicles. Today, Fabco offers its customers a wide variety of products in addition to the wide array of specially modified AWD trucks it produces each year. These products include liquid transfer pumps, diesel marine engines, fire trucks, agricultural machines, flexible drive couplings and a wide range of transfer cases and steerable drive axles.

Fabco is a business unit of TTI, Inc. The TTI family of companies comprises one of the industries largest suppliers of components and sub-assemblies for on and off-highway medium / heavy-duty trucks as well as transit and school buses. Other TTI business units and affiliate companies include Gunite Corporation, Bostrom Seating, Imperial Group, Brillion Iron Works, Metal Forming Industries, Fuel Systems and Phillips & Temro.

The 208 acre FABCO site was located at 1249 67th Street and was split between Emeryville and Oakland.

The FABCO plant was physically in Emeryville, but bordered on the Oakland City line. The former factory site is now a middle-income housing development.

FABCO is unrelated to the St. Louis-based heavy equipment supplier also called FABCO owned by the Fabick family.


In 1940, Gillig began experimenting with engine locations, and Gillig's very first midship engined transit was born. It was powered by Hall Scott gasoline engines, and was unusual because the engines were placed on their sides, instead of vertically. The chassis for this new model line was supplied by Fabco, and Gillig had of course built the bodies.


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